Trucks Loaded with Weapons from Tripoli Port: Key Details You Need to Know

May 21, 2024



The scene of Kahale repeated itself, or perhaps it had already occurred countless times unbeknownst to the state and concerned authorities. Trucks laden with weapons clandestinely pass through homes, villages, and towns, mingling with civilian vehicles, posing a peril to thousands. However, fate intervened when a new truck carrying arms malfunctioned and caught fire in the Batroun region.

An electrical fault triggered the blaze, revealing a cache of weapons as civil defense teams worked to extinguish it. Security forces and military intelligence promptly arrived to inspect the truck and its cargo, discovering it held a shipment of Turkish-manufactured military pistols.

The army immediately established a security cordon and launched an investigation to determine the truck’s destination, which was traced heading south towards Beirut from the north.

Further information indicated this was not an isolated incident; several other trucks had entered Tripoli’s port and simultaneously headed towards Beirut. Acting on multiple leads, the Lebanese army also detained several trucks in the Sarba area, including one destined for Naameh and from there to the Mieh Mieh refugee camp.

According to exclusive information obtained by “Naqd,” the cargo was linked to an individual residing in the Mieh Mieh camp in Sidon, prompting investigations into both the truck’s driver and the shipment’s owner.

Military police oversaw the unloading and inspection of the trucks and vehicles suspected of transporting arms, echoing concerns raised by the truck seized in Batroun, which contained 500 Ritai military pistols.