Revealing the Story of a Molester Priest Revealing the Story of a Molester Priest Revealing the Story of a Molester Priest

Revealing the Story of a Molester Priest

يناير 24, 2024



“…Everything they tell you to memorize, memorize it and do it. But do not follow their actions, for they speak but do not act.” In a time when action is more crucial than words, and when goodness, love, and a reassessment of societal values are needed, a “blow” comes from within, from those who are supposed to be messengers of peace and love, guiding people and steering them away from sin that has spread in the world at the expense of goodness and peace.

What is surprising in this news we are sharing is that its protagonist is a “priest” who harasses underage youths. What is even more perplexing is the role of some figures in local and church authorities trying to “hush up” the matter, fearing a scandal.

“My house is called a house of prayer, and you have made it a den of thieves.” After 2024 years, how many temple traders and religion merchants have multiplied, committing sins in your name, O Church?

Father J.B. in the village of Qubayat in Akkar is supposed to be a role model for his parishioners and students, just as Jesus Christ was a role model for his disciples and all followers of the Christian faith. However, what the priest has done has put the children of the parish and its children in danger!

A few months ago, a witness (names withheld for privacy) reported to the Maronite Archbishopric of Tripoli being subjected to sexual harassment by the mentioned priest for 12 years, as well as sexual, material, and emotional exploitation. Particularly alarming is that the victim was under 18 years old at the time.

The Church took action, suspending him from his religious duties pending the completion of investigations into the complaint.

This is the apparent situation. Internally, efforts are underway to dilute the investigation, alter the testimonies of witnesses, and distort the facts.

The accused priest denies these charges. After the Maronite Archbishopric of Tripoli took measures against him, he decided to commit another crime by exploiting his influence. He collaborated with some family members and close associates to pressure the priests assigned to lead prayers in the church in his place by hiding cups and robes and blocking their way.

As a result, the “harassing priest” was permanently banned from performing his religious duties until the investigation is concluded. However, he continues to carry out his educational duties in a prestigious school in the town. The investigation is ongoing, and the nun in charge of the school won’t prevent him from teaching because “nothing is certain,” allowing this priest to continue interacting with children and minors and teaching “life sciences,” the subject he uses to get revealing pictures of young children, and then claims to need them for his ongoing doctoral thesis.

One incident must be highlighted. While teaching his class, attempting to connect his computer to the screen to display a project, an image of a naked person appeared. The priest accused the students of stealing his computer and placing the image on it, starting to scream.

Investigations are ongoing, but they are slow, according to a resident of the town. Internally, efforts are being made to dilute the investigation, alter the testimonies of witnesses, and distort the facts.

According to exclusive information obtained by Naqd, current and former parliamentary figures in the region, along with some municipal entities (names of those involved will be revealed gradually), have not hesitated for a moment to pressure the responsible Maronite bishopric directly, claiming that the town of Qubayat, being a Christian town in a predominantly Islamic area, should not have its reputation tarnished. Hence, these authorities prefer to handle the matter through “maneuvering,” as if nothing happened.

Even as we write these lines, a few hours before publishing the report, some local figures in the area tried to persuade us not to publish the article “to maintain civil peace.” We do not know what is more harmful to civil peace: an article or a harassing priest who continues to perform his educational duties.

In conclusion, we return to the verse “Listen to their words but do not follow their actions.” Do not act like Priest J.B. Do not misuse your religious and educational positions like the priest did. Do not hide cups and robes from the church or build a wall in front of the worshipers. Most importantly, do not harass children. To the church, we say, adhere to Christ, testify to the truth, and do not cover up justice.

To be continued…

We will refrain from publishing names and evidence to avoid being accused of revealing the confidentiality of investigations. However, we will publish everything we have if the investigation disappears as usual or if the accused continues to perform his duties near children.

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